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Just Believe It!

This special 'Milagros' (miracle!) washed Gesha microlot comes from 17 small producers in different areas of Huila, Colombia. These producers are situated at altitudes between 1,600 and 1,800masl throughout the municipalities of Pitalito, Palestina, Acevedo, and Timana.

Harvest is carried out selectively and by hand, to pick the cherries at the optimum point of maturation. The cherries are de-pulped on the same day and then fermented in cement tanks for between 28 and 40 hours, depending on climatic conditions and the altitude of the farm. The coffee is then manually washed twice, a departure from the traditional Colombian washed process which includes 3 washes. After washing, the parchment coffee is dried in parabolic greenhouses for 12-20 days depending on ambient conditions.


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