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Grind Style

This is the perfect coffee for those who wake up really early in the morning thinking: I like my morning sky exactly as I like my coffee: pitch-black!

This coffee bean hails from Timana, which is situated in the southern reaches of Huila, Colombia's largest coffee-growing region located in the mountain valley of the Magdalena river (between the two main branches of the Colombian Andes). It gives coffees from this area a range of micro-climates, and unique complexity. Guess who nailed Geography in Grade 9?!

Fun fact: coffee growers around Timana only bring their coffee to sell on weekends, when they visit the town to do their shopping. It's like taking your classy presentation deck to Eaton Centre on a Saturday, right? (which we bet you never did).

Caturra and Colombia are the primary varieties grown in the area and they exhibit the classic berry, chocolate, and clean profiles you expect from Colombia.

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