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Grind Style

This coffee pays homage to the number one breakfast in Brazil: the Bread & Butter. Actually, its improved version: the Bread-on-Slate. Together with a cup full of black coffee is all you need to play soccer and dance samba. Simultaneously.

Bread & Butter is a single estate, semi-washed process coffee from Matas de Minas region of Brazil. The cherries grow amongst the highest altitude coffee in all of Brazil and are manually picked.

If you are a coffee nerd and wanna learn what the 'semi-washed' (aka 'pulped-natural') process is, here it goes: firstly, cherries are wet-pulped and then dried with the cherry's mucilage still intact. This process is popular in Brazil and tends to produce coffees with excellent sweetness, body and balance.

However, If you are here for the Bread-on-Slate recipe, please take note:
- Find the closest Portuguese Bakery (aka Padaria)
- Buy some Portuguese Buns (aka Paposeco)
- Take them home, cut them transversally in 2 halfs and, with a spoon (yes, I said spoon), generously spread some good thick butter on each half
- Place the 2 halfs of bread face down on a burning hot slate (or skillet) and grill until golden brown
Enjoy it and thank us later ;)

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