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  • Fresh Thrill coffee
  • Filtered, mineralized water
  • Moka pot
  • Kettle
  • Coffee scale (recommended)
  • Grinder (recommended)
  • Dose: 18g coffee 
  • Water: 300g       
  • Grind setting: fine
  • Water temperature: 96C 

1. Bring 300g of water to a boil using your kettle.

2. Add the boiling water to the bottom chamber of the Moka pot; it should not cover the valve.

3. Weigh out 18g of coffee beans and grind them at a fine setting (slightly coarser than espresso).

4. Place the filter basket in its spot and add ground coffee; do not tamp.

5. Use a dish towel to twist the two chambers together and place on the stove at a medium heat.

6. Coffee will slowly fill the upper chamber.

7. Remove the Moka pot when you begin to hear gurgling and run cold tap water over the lower chamber to terminate the brew.

8. Allow it to cool, serve and enjoy!


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